Since 1987

With our Delicatessen and Ready-to-Eat Flavor products specially produced to meet the demands of your business; We add flavor to your customers’ tables and value to your business with our wide range of products that appeal to every business from Markets to Butchers, Delicatessens to Food Wholesalers.


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Since 1987
More than 30 product varieties
In 5 European countries
More than 1200 points of sale in 5 European countries

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    Why To Choose Tuna Food?

    Tuna Food GmbH, as one of the leading and well-established brands in Germany, aims to carry our 36 years of experience in the production of red meat and poultry products with halal and high quality standards, together with you, our valued business partners, to carry the experience we have gained in this process even further.

    Tuna Food offers a wide range of delicious delicatessen and prepared food products to meet the demands in your region. By enabling our business partners to expand their portfolios, we contribute to their becoming a sought-after and prominent food wholesaler in the sector.

    We are here to meet the expectations of your customers at the highest level with our quality, our commitment to halal production principles and our flavor-oriented products. As Tuna Food, we will be pleased to see you among our business partners to achieve greater success together.

    Our Production



    All hygienic conditions are taken into consideration at every stage from raw material procurement to the final product. All our employees act with hygiene awareness.


    We pay attention to Islamic procedures and sensitivities in all of our production stages. We offer halal and reliable red and white meat products to our consumers.


    We do not use harmful additives such as glutamate and colorants in our products. We are happy to offer halal, natural and delicious red and white meat products to our consumers.