Since 1987,


About Us

In 1987, the Tuna brand was created in order to offer halal, quality and healthy meat products to Muslims in Europe. Our company, which has rapidly developed its product portfolio in the delicatessen field, has succeeded in gaining the admiration of Muslims living in Europe in a short time. In addition to its delicatessen products, it has become one of the indispensable meat producers to make a name for itself with fresh meat, white meat and frozen ready-made foods. In addition to its unique taste, it has managed to be among the first choices of Muslims with its production in accordance with halal principles.

Not content with the success of the delicatessen group, analyzing the problems in the fresh meat market well and making serious investments in this area, our company has built a modern facility where every stage of meat is under its control. In this way, we choose the best quality slaughter animals and ensure that they are slaughtered according to halal principles, and we process and produce them in our own facility. .
TUNA FOOD, which makes a difference with its halalness, naturalness and freshness, performs even the finest details at every stage from production to sales, with meticulousness, transforms its flawless production knowledge and experience into high quality with its high technology facilities. It reaches every point in Europe with its wide sales network.

Mission – Vision

Tuna Food, which reveals its difference with its halalness, naturalness and freshness, works meticulously at every stage, uses high technology as a tool to realize flawless production. It reaches every point of Europe with its wide sales network.

Our Facilities

Tuna Food, which started its production by making sausage in Cologne within certain possibilities, has started to meet the needs of Muslims in Europe for halal meat and meat products with its facility in accordance with EU standards and increasing product variety by making various investments over time.



You can buy Halal, Reliable, Delicious Tuna Food Delicatessen, Ready-Made Products, Red and White Meat products from our closest Sales Points in the UK and across Europe. Click for our nearest Sales Points.

Because, Halal and Naturalness we offer to our customers are our essential values distinguish us from other producers. We attach great importance to hygiene and naturalness in all of our production stages. We are delighted to bring healthy, natural and halal flavours away from Monosodium Glutamate and other harmful additives to our consumers.

Dry Plucking is the process of removing the feathers of a chicken slaughtered according to Islamic methods without using a scalding boiler, medicated and high temperature water. There is no bacteria, dust and impurities in chickens that are applied dry-plucking process. Therefore, a cleaner, hygienic and healthy product is offered to consumers.

Monosodium Glutamate, popularly known as Chinese salt, is used to flavor many products, especially fast food products. It suppresses the feeling of satiety, obesity, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s. Therefore, it negatively affects human health. As Tuna Food, we do not use Monosodium Glutamate in any of our products for your health. We care about your health and values.