About Us

TUNA brand was established in 1987 to offer helal, high quality and healthy meat and meat products to the Muslims around Europe. Our firm which gained liking enhanced its product portfolio. It achieved to be among the first choices of Muslims with its unique taste and being 100 % Halal.

Our firm not only is satisfied with this success at Delicatessen products but also analyzed the problems in the fresh meat market and made big investments on this field and build a modern facility at which it closely controls all stages of production. Hereby, we choose the highest quality animals and butcher them in accordance with real halal standards and process and produce them in our facility.

Beyond final consumer products, our firm which also serves to hotels, restaurants and similar places is among the important doner producers in Europe.

Mission and Vision

We aim to produce halal meat and meat products without making any concessions from quality and hygiene sticking to our fundamental principle of “Tables of the our people in Europe shall have halal bites”. As a brand which establishes the standards we always feature naturality, hygiene, freshness and taste. Indispensable priority of Tuna Food is an unconditional customer pleasure for all of the products that it introduces to the market with its innovative identity.

Tuna Food which distinguishes itself by being halal, naturality and freshness, realizes all the details from production to sales stages with diligently, transforms its accumulation of knowledge to high quality with advanced technology. It is reaching to every point in Europe with its large distribution network.