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The Tuna Metzgerei Model is a butcher shop concept where Tuna Food fresh meat, white meat and delicatessen products can be found easily within the framework of certain standards. You can apply the Tuna Metzgerei concept, which can be applied with stores of any size, by converting a part of your market. The Tuna Metzgerei concept, which we developed at high standards, was developed in order to deliver Tuna Food products, a common brand throughout Europe, to its customers more easily and to provide maximum profit to our business partners.

In the Tuna Metzgerei Model, produced by Tuna Food; There are all kinds of products including delicatessen, white meat, red meat and ready-made foods. The areas required for the preparation and storage of products within the size and capacity of the store were designed by expert interior architecture teams.

  • Maximum profitability and safe investment opportunity for business partners
  • Trust in the Tuna Food brand
  • Being a widely known brand in Europe and gaining consumer trust
Step 1: Fill in the Tuna Metzgerei application form on our website.
Step 2: Our teams contact and visit you and examine the area you want to invest in as a butcher.
Step 3: According to the size of the store area, the needs are determined and the necessary business partnership processes are initiated.
Step 4: When the store is ready, Tuna Food announces it to its customers and adds it to the sales points application..
You can contact us using our contact information on our website. Click to apply for the Tuna Metzgerei Model.